I AM LAKE WORTH Photography Project

Documenting an ongoing project of capturing portraits and thoughts from people who live in the funky Florida beachside city of Lake Worth

This week's podcast is with Jerusha Benjamin from Nodosa Gallery on Lake Avenue in downtown Lake Worth.  We chat about Lake Worth, Art and being driven to start a business.

This week's IAMLAKEWORTH interview is with Brooke Waszak who is part of the IAMLAKEWORTHTOO! project which will be at the Hatch in January of 2019.  Brooke is a life long Palm Beach County resident and realtor in Lake Worth.  We discussed what makes Lake Worth special, what it's like being a realtor here and some of her favorite places to eat in Downtown Lake Worth.

On this week's podcast I sit down with Janet Kanai.  Janet is a longtime resident of Lake Worth and one of the very first people I met when we came to here.  Janet and her husband Tim have become some our best friends here in town and it was great to sit down with her and chat about one of my favorite subjects... Lake Worth.

This Week's episode of the IAMLAKEWORTH podcast is an interview with my friends, the Hoyt family Renee, Mike and Miles.  Join me for an interesting conversation about the Lake Worth music scene and how the city of Lake Worth has welcomed a family that moved here two years ago.  Around the 22 minute mark the initial interview ended but keep listening as Renee came back to continue the conversation.  We both learned that interviewing an 8 year old can make you forget some of the questions and answers you wanted to talk about.  As a special treat our intro and ending music are a bit of Miles jammin on his guitar!

This week's IAMLAKEWORTH Podcast is an interview with Tom Copeland.  Tom is an active member of the community and has just announced his candidacy for Lke Worth City Commission.  I hope you enjoy this wide ranging conversation.  Wew talked about everything from food to neighborhood associations to Little Free Libraries.  I hope you enjoy our chat.

Note: Whenever I interview elected officials or candidates I ask them to answer as themselves and not as a candidate.  The IAMLAKEWORTH project is politically neutral and does not endorse any candidates.  

The IAMLAKEWORTH Podcast is an extension of the IAMLAKEWORTH photo exhibit where photographer Carl Stoveland (me) photographed people who live, work and play in Lake Worth, Florida and posed the same question to each subject. Lake Worth is special because.... These interviews are an expanded version of that question giving listeners a chance to get to know the subject and by extension the city of Lake Worth.

After a short hiatus for my annual trip to Cape Cod the IAMLW Podcast is back!  This week's interview is with Kaitlin Richardson.  She and her family live here in Lake Worth and Kaitlin is a professional violinist.  Join us as we talk about life, Lake Worth, music and being in the arts in South Florida.  Kaitlin is the first of the subjects photographed for the next installment called IAMLAKEWORTH TOO to be interviewed for the podcast.

This weeks IAMLAKEWORTH interview is with Justin Olive from Common Ground Coffee.  We sat down over coffee and did the interview at Common Ground Coffee on J Street in downtown Lake Worth.  Not only was this a fun interview with my friend Justin talking about his business, Lake Worth and the future, but it was also fun recording amidst the hustle and bustle of the coffee shop with people coming and going.  it was a real enviromental style interview.  Fiittingly I also replaced my intro music with the sounds of a cup of coffee being made.  I hope you enjoy the interview.

This week's IAMLAKEWORTH podcast episode is with Lake Worth City Manager Mike Bornstein.  We got a lot of practice on this interview as the first time around I forgot to hit the record button and did not realize it until we were just about done.  Mike was gracious enough to sit down for a second interview.  It was worth the effort we had a great conversation and it was fun to get to know our city manager a little better. 

Today's interview is with Jose Mendez.  Jose is the creative director of the annual Day of the Dead Festival in Lake Worth.  We sat down in his studio / Office for a wide ranging and enjoyable conversation about Lake Worth.

This Bonus Episode of the IAMLAKEWORTH Podcast was recorded at Hatch1121 in Lake Worth during the IAMLAKEWORTH exhibit.  Interviewed were four local photographers.  Tom Johnson, Adriano Ficarelli, Sean Moss and Carl Stoveland.  Hosting and interviewing duties were expertly handled by Blanche Williams from Jazz on J Street.

NOTE: The interview in this episode was previously posted in its raw form before I added music and an intro.  So if it sounds familiar that is why.

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